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          UEN Teacher Toolbox

          In addition to connecting all Utah public schools and higher education institutions, the Utah Education Network provides quality educational resources. Below are some of the many free services that all Utah educators should know about and use. Please spread the word!

          Utah's Online Library
          Access reliable reference collections.

          Utah's one-of-a-kind online library provides educators and students free access to high quality reference collections such as EBSCO, Gale Reference Collection, World Book and Preschool Pioneer. Check out the classroom activity ideas.

          Utah's Online Library...

          Download digital resources.

          eMedia has over 16,000 digital resources, including instructional videos, audio and image files, as well as electronic textbooks.


          Utah Core Standards
          Focus on the essentials.

          UEN maintains a database of all of the Utah core courses. You can find web resources and lesson plans that support specific standards and objectives.

          Utah Core Standards...
          Lesson Plan Library
          Explore 100s of lesson plans.

          All of the lesson plans in UEN's collection have been written by educators, support the Utah standards and are reviewed and approved by USBE Specialists.

          Lesson Plan Library...

          Professional Development
          Earn credit or relicensure points.

          UEN offers free online and in-person courses to help you keep up your skills and earn credit and licensure points.

          Professional Development...

          Resources by Subject
          Find classroom materials.

          Find the UEN resources you need by subject area with this easy-to-use portal. Highlights incude Elementary Social Studies activities, Argumentative Writing resources and Open Educational Resources.

          Subject Specific Resources...

          UEN Smart Tools
          Create teaching activities.

          Use UEN's free online tools to help you in the classroom: Lesson Plan Tool, Rubric Tool, my.uen and UEN's Curriculum Search.

          UEN Smart Tools...

          Search for educational apps.

          Finding Apps that support the Utah Core is easy with UEN's Apps4Edu. Be sure to rate and share your favorite Apps.


          Check your teaching credentials.

          CACTUS is an online interface that allows Utah licensed educators to review their credential information.


          Suicide Prevention Training
          Help prevent youth suicide.

          Utah Code requires that licensed educators must include suicide prevention training as part of their license renewal activities.

          Suicide Prevention Training...

          Make teaching easier.

          The Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) is available to all public K-12 Districts and Charter Schools.

          Canvas in Utah...

          Mailing Lists
          Stay in the know.

          Subscribe to one or many of UEN's mailing lists to learn about new opportunities, educational resources and upcoming events.

          Mailing Lists...

          Student Interactives
          Engage students.

          Students of all ages love UEN's collection of online games and interactives because they are fun. Educators love them because they support their teaching.

          Student Interactives...

          NetSafe Utah
          Learn to stay safe online.

          NetSafeUtah.org offers videos and Internet safety resources for kids, teens, parents and educators.

          Discover what your future holds.

          UtahFutures is here to assist students and adults with their education and career needs.