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          UEN Resources for K-12 Education

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          3-6 Science Teacher Resource Book

          The Teacher Resource Book (TRB) covers all the Science standards and objectives for grades 3-6.

          Animal Adaptations - Bloom's Taxonomy

          Help students think critically while learning about Animal Adaptations using Bloom's Taxonomy.

          Charles Darwin Links

          Celebrate Charles Darwin's 200th birthday with these educational web sites, classroom activities and lesson plans.

          Cheese Science

          Did you know that there is a lot of science behind cheese? Learn the details of cheese making from real food scientists and have fun playing games and exploring cheese from around the world.

          Climate Science

          UEN's Climate Science web page provides educators and students information about the science and impacts of climate change.

          Crowd and the Cloud

          A Public Television series about Citizen Science, Crowdsourcing and Mobile Tech.

          Digital Books

          Here are digital textbooks created by groups of content and teaching experts, including university faculty, district and school specialists, teachers, and USBE staff.

          Earth Day

          Celebrate Earth Day with these educational web sites, classroom activities, television programs, videos and lesson plans.

          Elementary Science Lesson Plans

          UEN has hundreds of quality lesson plans that support the Utah Elementary Science standards.

          Health Education - Bloom's Taxonomy

          Help students think critically while learning about Health Education using Bloom's Taxonomy.

          Loveland Living Planet Aquarium Video Series

          Every month, the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium will explore thought-provoking questions, amazing animals, weird science, investigations of our local environments, and more.

          Free educational resources for middle school, high school and college students and instructors - including video demonstrations, interactives and test prep.

          Developed by the Natural History Museum of Utah, this program engages middle school students in online investigations that use museum objects and scientific research to support deeper learning.

          Saving Pando

          Utah students and educators across academic disciplines and organizations are working together to understand the wisdom of Pando Populus, the oldest and largest living organism on the planet.

          Sci-ber Text

          This online textbook is based on the Utah Science Core for grades 3 - 9. Sci-ber text includes scientific information, activities and labs which are fun and interesting.

          Science Activities from OER Textbooks

          Fun online Science activities that are found in the Open Educational Resources textbooks.

          Science Courses and Resources

          Attention Science educators: visit UEN's Science page to view the Utah Science core and support materials.

          SciFi Friday

          UEN-TV broadcasts a classic Science Fiction or Horror Film each Friday at 9:00 pm. Watch the movie and then listen to a podcast interview with a local scientist.

          SciTech Now

          SciTech Now captures the latest breakthroughs in science, technology and innovation.

          Secondary Science Lesson Plans

          Science lesson plans that support the Utah Core Standards. All of the plans were created by educators and approved by the Utah State Office of Education.

          Space - Bloom's Taxonomy

          Help students think critically while learning about Space using Bloom's Taxonomy.

          Super Science Resources (7-12)

          A collection of excellent web resources to help 7-12th grade Science educators teach the Utah core.

          Utah Science with Engineering Education (Fall 2017)

          The SEEd standards for grades 6-8 will be implemented in the Fall 2017.

          Water Wise Utah is a project designed to encourage Utah Citizens to conserve the limited water resources in Utah.

          Weather Related Resources

          UEN gathered Internet resources and online games to help students learn about weather. In addition, the Online Cloud Guide provides excellent illustrations of the different cloud types.

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